MSID Rethinks Healthcare

Philadelphia University kicked off the new Master of Science in Industrial Design last month. We’re starting off with nine great people this year from many different backgrounds.   As the weeks go on, we’ll be posting a bio from each grad student on the blog so everyone can get to know them.

The grad program this year is starting off by focusing on system design and research methods for our User-Centered Design class, taught by Tod Corlett. We’re developing a project originated by undergrads Mike Hummel and Marshall Dreiling. It’s a joint project with students and faculty in the Physician Assistant program to design a mobile care clinic to bring regular primary care to the Germantown section of Philadelphia. In addition to giving our Physician Assistants a place to work and making an impact in the community, we’re hoping to discover insights that will allow us to improve the process of primary care more generally.

The grads started off by doing field ethnography work in the Germantown section of Philadelphia in conjunction with the Research Methods class taught by Todd Kramer. Through this work, the grads understand what’s needed introduce a new healthcare system. To make this project successful, we need to understand who the residents of Germantown are and what they need.

A month into the project, we’ve worked closely with the PAs and come to understand the project users and clients enough to start designing. The nine of us have broken into smaller groups to tackle different parts of the project. Soon we’ll start posting on what we come up with.

MSID students begin a research session in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.


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