The Armstrong Sprint Project Kicks Off

The department-wide Sprint Project began today with a comprehensive presentation by Armstrong World Industries, this year’s project sponsor. Armstrong is the leader in acoustical ceiling solutions and is partnering with PhilaU ID to explore new possibilities in that area.

The team from Armstrong begins the week with a presentation to the entire ID department.

Armstrong Designer and PhilaU ID alum Todd Bergman (‘01) led a team of experts in educating the entire ID department about the science behind Armstrong’s products, their unique design approach and the current market conditions. Todd then issued the challenge for the week: to develop new acoustical ceiling systems incorporating one of four specified design trends. The student design teams began by meeting individually with members of the Armstrong group to talk further about their specific areas of exploration.

Each team contains a cross-section of students from every year of both the undergrad and MSID programs. Leadership and coordination roles for each group are handled by representatives from our Junior class. This intensive week-long project provides a valuable opportunity for both student and client alike to push the boundaries of design process and thinking while at the same time addressing a real-world set of criteria.

We’re looking forward to great week of design.

Marsha Bischel talks materials and processes.

Designer Todd Bergman (‘01) shows samples of Armstrong's current ceiling tile line.

Marketing Manager Lissa Casanova consults with a team.

Senior Principal Scientist Bill Frantz answers student questions.


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