About the Program

The M.S. in Industrial Design is a new graduate degree program based on interdisciplinary teamwork with other fields.  It’s based on the idea that  design is a core element in achieving real  innovation in products, systems and services – and innovation in turn is increasingly understood to be the major driver of corporate and economic success.  Students in this program will learn to apply design effectively to the collaborative, sometimes chaotic “front end” of the product development process, and to work productively with product users, researchers, businesspeople, engineers and manufacturers to create products that are better at serving their users, economic imperatives, human societies and the world at large.

Demand for professionals with graduate degrees in this rapidly changing field is strong, with nearly a quarter of the Industrial Designers Society of America’s corporate and consultant members indicating they are likely to hire designers with advanced skills over the next few years- assuming they can find them. The M.S. in Industrial Design degree will prepare you for entrepreneurial work in the field or for a challenging position in a corporate design department or design consulting firm. If you’re currently working in design, this program can help you move from tactics to strategy- from working on problems you’re given, to finding untapped new opportunities and new clients.

The program is ideal if you:

  • Are a design professional looking to update your skills, serve new clients or take on entrepreneurial projects
  • Have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, design, engineering or architecture and wish to gain higher-level expertise in industrial design
  • Want to pursue industrial design as a career but hold an undergraduate degree in a different field
  • Are a Philadelphia University undergraduate majoring in a different subject who wants to earn a joint B.S./M.S. degree

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